Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a united body of believers who become mature in Christ and actively engaged in evangelism as a lifestyle, in order to reach all people with the gospel of Christ and provide meaningful fellowship and training for the extension of the Kingdom of God.


Vision statement

  • We as a local church body are committed to praising, honoring and glorifying God through:

  • Building a new sanctuary

  • All ministries fully functional

  • Provide effective ministry to all members

  • Membership at least________

  • Mentoring Program

  • Leadership Programs

  • Create a church website

  • Expand ministry to shut in

  • Food bank

  • Outreach to the Homeless/Self-help

  • Establish School of Ministry

  • Congregational Diversification

  • Develop partnership with local business owners

  • Establish Educational Programs

  • Create ideas for Fundraising

  • Expand the Children and Youth Programs

  • Vocational Training

  • Facility to conduct trainings for Educational programs

  • Build a Family Life Center and Daycare

  • A Debt Free Church