About us


In the summer of 1989 while living in Stuart, Florida, Bishop Lewinson and Sister Lewinson, his wife, were directed by the Lord to plant a church in Palm Bay. Because it was not yet a city and was not listed on the map, not many people heard about Palm Bay. The message and direction was quite clear. It was confirmed when a woman, Eulande Sawyer, called for our help to find a church of God. Information also came while visiting a retired pastor,Rev. David A. Miller, in Palm Bay.The Lewinsons visited and prayed with both parties and started 160 miles round trip twice weekly. They eventually bought a house and moved to start the church in that house, their home, with 8 people. They later rented a church on Pacific Ave, then Days Inn hotel, the Community center,  Eastern Florida State College (then, Brevard Community College) auditorium and now the present location 2270 Jupiter Blvd. SW, Palm Bay, FL 32908. We continually say that we have come “This far by Faith”